Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Asking for peace and equality between people, he became very famous.
After saying a speech, he was shot.
When getting the Nobel Price in 1964, he was the yougest winner ever.
Being a dreamer, he expressed his ideas in a famous speech.

Who I am???

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

When I go back home, I'll do an internship.
If I get a job, I'll buy a car.
Unless I have a very good salary, I won't buy a house.
In case I become a lawyer, I'll have to work hard.
Because I like it, I'll keep on travelling a lot.
After I finish my study, I'll apply in a law office.
As soon as I graduate, I'll improve my Spanish.
Once I get a job, I'll move to my own place.
Before I become a lawyer, I'll have to pass the bar.
Although these exams are very hard, lots of students attempt them.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yesterday I went to Chapter's in order to buy a travel guide about California. I was looking at some travel guides carefully when I suddenly heard two people talking very loudly. I usually don't listen to people's conversation but this time was really so funny I couldn't stop listening to.
"What? Do you want to go to Birmania?" asked the man.
"Yes, I do," replied the woman quiet angrily. " Why isn't Birmania a good destination to you?" asked she with the same intonation.
"Well, Birmania is nowadays a dictatury country. It's certainly not the best place to visit" responded her husband clearly.
"Ok, but I really want to visit this country. We could go there anyway. I am sure we won't have any trouble,"added the woman.
"You're so stubborn!" exclaimed the man. "Let's go home and keep talking about it away from people,"he suggested.
The both people left Chapter's quiet nervously.
What a pity! I couldn't keep listening to their vigourously conversation.